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What We Offer

Our mission:

To empower brands and retailers to create the best experience around their products. To break through barriers, uniting physical retail with the online world. To strengthen relationships and turn your customers into fans.

How do we do this?

Zaptap leverages the latest in mobile technology to deliver an unparalleled customer experience every time. Bringing an online experience in-store with iBeacon (BLE), NFC, or even QR codes. You choose the trigger; we’ll make it happen.

Personalized Content, Hand Delivered

  • Compelling Stories

    Zaptap is a digital extension of your shelf-space. Gain a competitive edge by identifying what makes your product unique. Why should people buy your product over your keen competition? Win them over at the point of decision!

    Product Information | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships. Product Information | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.
  • Tailored Offers

    Reward your customers with offers they will truly love. Target specific shoppers when and where it matters the most, the point of decision.

    Offers and Incentives | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships. Offers and Incentives | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.
  • Favorites

    Allow your customers to fave and save items for later. Your customers can easily share their faves and wishlists via social media or email; all from our app! This is a great way to keep your consumers up to date on deals and savings.

    Favorites | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.
  • Videos

    Showcase relevant product videos through your YouTube and Vimeo channels. Think How-To videos, customer testimonials, etc.

    Rich Media | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships. Rich Media | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.
  • Stay Connected, Gain Loyalty

    Stay connected with your customers even after they leave your store. Choose your channel of communication (email, social media, you name it…). Offer up your customer support information or embed your live chat and gain invaluable consumer feedback.

    Connect with Us | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.

What is BLE?

BLE (Bluetooth low energy) is a micro-location sensor technology. For brands and retailers, this is a game changer, making proximity-based marketing a reality. BLE is battery-friendly and the best way to deliver relevant, personalized experiences based on where your shoppers are.

Dashboard | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.

Thinking About Mobile Marketing? We've Got You Covered!

With Zaptap's dashboard, deploying digital media around a specific product has never been this easy. Instantly unite your in-store products with the online, content-driven world. Digitally extend your shelf and drive the value home! Swiftly connect your social and digital properties with those interacting with your in-store items. Connect with them at the point of purchasing decision.

Design and deploy your mobile marketing campaigns on the fly! Create rules to target specific customers in the right place, at the right time. Track promotional campaigns as they happen and monitor their efficiency and success.

Measure, Learn, and Report. Easily.

Measure | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.


Our dashboard allows brands and retailers to track consumer behaviors around their in-store products as they are happening.

Social demographics, location data, video views, and Pins, are just a few actionable metrics companies can monitor with our real-time dashboard.

Learn | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.


Who is shopping at your store? How is your new product being received across different age groups and store locations?

Gain actionable insight from real-time data. Learn about your shoppers while they are shopping!

Report | Increase Your In-Store Sales. Strengthen Your Customer Relationships.


Access and share meaningful data with your marketing team. Filter by key areas and improve your conversion rate and bottom line.

Easily export your data to Microsoft Excel to fully customize your reports and graphs.

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Improving customer service, consumer metrics and your bottom-line are critical to your success. Experience the power of Zaptap's real-time user interaction and intelligence. Deliver relevant product information, incentives, custom targeted alerts and social sharing all while reducing customer service issues, wait times and cost.

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About Zaptap

Zaptap is a privately owned Canadian company with offices in Fredericton, New Brunswick. A diverse team of professionals drives our company, holding strong backgrounds in IT, marketing, and solution selling. Our mission is to empower brands and retailers to design an unparalleled customer experience and monitor shopping behaviors around their products with ease.

We leverage cutting-edge mobile technology and personalized content to help reinforce customer relationships and grow in-store sales. Zaptap strives to bridge the gap between the traditional retail world we know with the online world we love.

Yan Simard

Yan is the founder and CEO of Zaptap. He is a serial entrepreneur with experience in managing global technology operations and a leader with a strong track record in both sales and operations. Yan is a visionary with a taste for disrupting innovations.

His experience in technology spans many industries from consulting, telecommunications, multimedia, video games, e-learning and retail. He worked at CGI from 2007 to 2011, where he was leading the program for client Bell Canada, managing the development program and a team of 70 developers located in Toronto, Montreal and Bangalore.

Yan graduated from Université Laval with an MBA in IT Management and a BAA in Information Systems. Yan spent most of his childhood in Quebec and now calls Fredericton, New Brunswick home. He is the proud father of 4 children.

Peter MacLeod
Product Director

Peter graduated from Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick with a Bachelor of Commerce and a concentration in Marketing. After gaining important management experience working in Nova Scotia, he pursued a full-time MBA from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, where he graduated with a concentration in Entrepreneurship.

Throughout his MBA, he was exposed to entrepreneurial culture, valuable networking opportunities, and business plan creation skills which gave him a keen interest in working with a New Brunswick start-up. In his spare time he enjoys travel, boating, and spending time with friends.

John Stewart
Director of Software Engineering

John is a software developer at ZapTap. He has a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of New Brunswick. Before joining ZapTap, John was a team lead at Research in Motion. Sadly, John has no children and no pets.

Luke Woods
Lead Front-End Developer / Web Designer

Luke specializes in modern front-end technologies and deploys HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, and Javascript to ensure a seamless user experience with the Zaptap Dashboard, Mobile Templating System and

Mike Danforth
VP Sales

Mike has an extensive background in Global Enterprise Sales. He is no stranger to the startup scene, having spent nearly 5 years in Business Development for Radian6.

Having worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies on large scale social, mobile, CRM, digital, and eCommerce rollouts, Mike is very familiar with the nuances of Business Development, Account Management, and client services that it takes to succeed.

Mike has a passion for innovation, and proving that the impossible can be made possible, through determination and hard work. Outside of work he focuses his time on his wife and 2 children.

Joe Turgeon
Business Development Manager

Joe began his career as a high school English teacher in the Fredericton area, but felt the call of the software industry. In early 2011, Joe took a job with Radian6, which was at the time a small start up located in Fredericton, New Brunswick. His role in Radian6 only served to fuel his passion for technology, and he is excited to be part of the Zaptap team!

He is also an avid reader (anything Stephen King, selected fantasy and sci-fi, literature…any good story really), lover of music (all music has it’s merits…other than country… ;) and sports fan (Baseball, Hockey, Curling, Tennis, among others) cheering—not always happily—for the Montreal Canadians and Toronto Blue Jays.

Ryan Groom
Director of R&D and Security

Ryan's background is in website development and Internet security. His previous company, CyberSecure, won the 2004 Microsoft Canada Impact Award for Excellence in Security Solutions. Ryan has two books published on security for Microsoft. Ryan published his first software application in 1992 which is still in use today. Ryan also co-holds U.S. Patent 7,506,163.

After CyberSecure, Ryan consulted on various projects major companies such as Bell Aliant, Microsoft, IBM, TD Bank, Government of New Brunswick, Government of Ontario and Cisco Systems. Ryan's recent projects include; building live video streaming to the Internet of the 2011 Canada Games for Bell Aliant, building a web portal of the Ontario Department of Environment, and building a Government Energy Management (GEM) platform of the Climate Change Secretariat of the New Brunswick Government.